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Engineering Services 

Our maintenance team draws on their experienced technicians and maintenance Department’ to provide maintenance services.  Our maintenance services consist of hands on training, working with the crew at the rig site. Our approach of working side by side with rig crews has proven to be the most effective method to implement a culture changing maintenance program in the shortest period of time.  When we depart the rig site, not only is your maintenance program up to date but more importantly the rig crews understand the program and know how to do the maintenance. Our work scope typically involves:

  • Conducting random maintenance audits of the maintenance system. Input maintenance tasks that are missing and fully populate the maintenance system. Train the rig crew and ensure they understand how to use the maintenance system.

  • Reviewing maintenance tasks for equipment as required with particular focus on critical equipment. Ensure critical equipment has daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, 3 year, and 5 year maintenance task.

  • Helping to supervise major maintenance projects while simultaneously teaching the crew how to safely plan, perform and close out the maintenance with special emphasize on Permit to Work (PTW).

  • Continuing to train and monitor the crew maintenance skills and identify gaps in the maintenance system and bring those to the attention of the rigs maintenance manager. Establish a means where the maintenance manager and we have a weekly or bi weekly meeting where the maintenance issues are followed up/closed out or planned and We can critique and further train the personnel on the work performed.

  • Ensure the rig has the documents necessary on all the equipment – both for ordering purposes and for maintenance and troubleshooting. Assist with warehouse inventory on critical spare parts equipment.

Overhauling services

We offer overhauling services include Replacement of crane boom in drilling operation,

  • Overhauling of top drive,

  • Overhauling of Mud pump,

  • Overhauling of drawwork

  • Overhauling of Crown Block,

  • Overhauling of Rig main engines

  • Overhauling of BOP control systems

  • Overhauling/Inspections of BOP-s


Mechanical Services

We offer mechanical services and capabilities, from the repair or remanufacture of worn or damaged components to the overhauling and complete rebuilding of machines When a breakdown occurs, we provide on-site services 24/7 in order to reduce downtime. We also perform various engineering calculations and analysis related to process design, as well as sizing and selecting the mechanical and process equipment such as Mud pumps,Drawworks ,Top drive, Rotary table, pumps, motors, pressure vessels, filters, blowers, heat exchangers, valves and instruments.

our team solicit supplier quotations and review technical compliance, budget and delivery constraints, and approve a supplier’s engineering and design documents.

Electrical services

We provide our clients with a wide range of maintenance services that cover most offshore installation and commissioning scopes of work.
We provide qualified and experienced electrical personnel that are able to support your operations and assist with the installation of new electrical components such as:

Cable termination and testing, Cable Ladder, cable trays, Lighting systems, Junction boxes, Drilling equipment, PAGA systems, Telecom systems and Fire detection systems.


Hydraulic Services

The company has experience quickly, efficiently and affordably designing, manufacturing, repairing and upgrading a wide variety of hydraulic equipment regardless of age, size or condition.
Our hydraulic services based on the experience  of its team of engineers provide:

  • Hydraulic equipment design & engineering

  • Hydraulic equipment field service

  • Hydraulic equipment repair and remanufacturing

  • Equipment inspection

  • Equipment disassembly, repair, parts and components upgrading

  • Assembly modifications

  • Equipment installation/re-installation


Well control systems services

We delivers well control services based on extensive experience in the maintenance, repair and inspection of all types of land and offshore well control equipment. These services are focused on the maintenance and repairs of these subsystems:

  • BOP stack

  • BOP hydraulic system

  • Choke manifold

  • Diverter

  • Provide progress reports at least weekly with tasks completed, strengths, weaknesses, upcoming tasks, and any other pertinent information


We provide services with high quality, faster and  low cost 

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