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Consultancy Services

TMR Offshore provide professional offshore consultancy services . Our team has extensive experience in offshore activities ranging from simple offshore and marine operations to challenging and complex offshore projects.We are experienced in the operating conditions and regulatory regimes prevailing in the Gulf of Mexico, the Arabian Gulf.

TMR Offshore consultants normally apply the standards set forth by ISO 19901-1:2005. These internationally recognized standards apply to the design, construction and operation of offshore structures of all types used in the oil and gas industries. We also work to agreed alternative project specific standards where appropriate and our analysis of equipment condition and standards of maintenance is always in accordance with API & IADC standards and includes the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. Our Rig  full Condition Surveys and rig evaluation provide valuable insight to inform your rig contracting or rig purchasing decisions.


Our consultant services include:

Rig full conditioning surveys

TMR OFFSHORE perform comprehensive surveys and inspections on all types of land and offshore drilling rigs and support vessels to verify their maintenance status and operational capability. our full rig condition survey gives an accurate insight into the state of maintenance and focused on all equipment that could be expected to cause operational downtime through malfunction or component failure with particular attention given to all safety critical elements on any drilling unit, providing clients with the assurance that they can undertake operations efficiently and effectively .We deliver an in-depth, risk-based technical report that provides clients with a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and operability of the equipment and systems installed.

Our surveys and inspections are designed to ensure that the units and equipment under inspection meet current industry standards. They also highlight any potential problem areas that could lead to expensive equipment downtime for our clients.We provides comprehensive commissioning services that follow the highest safety standards and employ well-trained engineers.We systematically manage entire commissioning projects including engineering, equipment installation, QA/QC and commissioning process integration testing for final acceptance, new refurbishments and upgrades.

Our survey services to check:

That the proper safety devices are installed and are working correctly to prevent accidents and equipment failures.

Equipment condition and standards of maintenance, in accordance with ISO/API standards; the equipment manufacturer's specifications/recommendations.

  • Internal inspection for verification that the equipment has been kept in a safe and reliable working condition.

  • critical equipment for verification that the equipment has been kept in a safe and reliable working condition and includes all major items of equipment to ensure a detailed examination of gear teeth, bearings, chains and ancillary parts for excessive wear, damage, cracks and other defects and for the measurements of clearances.

  • Check The evaluation of efficiency and effect of the Preventive Maintenance System.


Our survey services include:

•             Drilling equipment system surveys

•             Machinery equipment system surveys

•             Electrical equipment surveys

•             Marine equipment surveys

•             Safety and survival equipment surveys


Our inspection services include:

• Non destructive NDT testing

All our NDT inspection personnel are highly qualified and are trained to internationally recognized standards, with either ASNT or PCN accreditation. We are proficient in specialized inspection methods, such as Close Visual Inspection, Dye Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection and Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement.

Dropped object inspections

Safety has remained the number one priority in the Oil & Gas Industry, and in keeping with industry directives, TMR OFFSHORE   ensures that safety policies meet both IADC HSE Guidelines Section 16 for “Dropped Objects” and API Recommended Practices Section 4G & 54 for Derricks/Masts and has streamlined the management and implementation of a dropped objects policy and procedure.

‘DROPS’ is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry. ‘Drops’ is represented by a large number of operators, contractors and service companies along with several leading industry bodies.TMR OFFSHORE ensures all policies meet; IADC HSE Guidelines for “Dropped Objects” and API Recommended Practices Section 4G & 54 for Derricks/Masts


Derrick inspections Cat III / Cat IV Inspections

TMR OFFSHORE Engineers are extremely experienced in providing structural API RP 4G Category III or Category IV inspections as required. Our inspectors have had global experience in inspecting and designing drilling structures.

The CAT inspections depending on location are typically conducted in two phases. An initial inspection where the corrective actions are documented and provided to the client. On completion we provide a final inspection where a certificate is then provided for client records.



• Lifting equipment inspections


• Rope access

Rope Access has achieved its aim of being recognized as a safe, fast and cost effective means of carrying out a variety of tasks in normally inaccessible locations, which would usually require traditional means of access such as scaffolding.

 We provide highly skilled, experienced and motivated personnel qualified and certified in accordance with international certification schemes. Our primary focus is the safety and protection of all personnel, protection of the environment & quality service.






Rig Valuation Assessment

The international standard for valuation of drilling rigs and related equipment is always recognized as being It’s fair market value, but to determine an accurate valuation with the appropriate allowance provided for depreciation and obsolescence where necessary and an appraisal of current markets and demand, professional assessors must objectively review each drilling rig individually

TMR OFFSHORE has extensive experience in providing independent, objective asset valuations using recognized methodologies, which include fair market value, replacement cost, insurance and scrap value.

We understands what it takes to provide an accurate market valuation, as our professional team of experienced and knowledgeable personnel .

we brings an unparalleled range of services and professionalism to the drilling rig valuation market by:

Reviewing all available certificates and documents for any drilling rigs of interest

An audited assessment of the condition of the rig and It’s machinery

Providing market intelligence for the drilling rig sales market and advise on trends and forecasts for the industry

Provide an accurate valuation for acquisition financing options

Provide options for the repair or upgrade of drilling rigs of interest

Assist with the design, project management and commissioning

Support legal contracting process


We provide services with high quality, faster and  low cost 

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